Monday, August 29, 2011

Do a Spot Check on Twitter?!

Greetings!  Unfortunately, I have committed one of the seven deadly sins of the internet; I made a Twitter account.  Before you start judging me though, it is legitimately for a class (Management Information Systems) and I intend on using it for the purposes of Do a Spot Check.  I basically decided that I would post random funny things as they happen whenever I am playing a session (usually Thursdays and Saturdays).  Here's the link to the Twitter page [LINK] (I'll post the link in the "Helpful Links" section as well).  Hope you enjoy it and do let me know if you think that I should do more with the Twitter account in the future.

This was/is a rather busy week for me so I did/do not have a great plethora of time on my hands.  Do check out "The Campaign" section though as I have updated it for our new campaign.


Quote of the Week

Endos: You see a bison grazing beside the road.

Durel: Does the bison appear to be cursed?


Until Next week!


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