Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sword and Fist Book Review

Greetings!  This week I thought it would be a good opportunity to review the Dungeons and Dragons accessory book Sword and Fist: A Guidebook to Fighters and Monks considering that I am playing a Monk in Endos’ current campaign.
            First off are the new Feats, which I must say actually are quite interesting.  Such Feats as Dirty Fighting, Dual Strike, and Off-hand Parry give a kind of diversity to combat on the part of fairly straightforward characters.  Some of them may be more overpowered than others, but they serve their purpose as unique “accessory” feats to the regular ones. 
            Next are the prestige classes.  These I thought were all incredible entertaining as the Ninja, Drunken Master, and Samurai are all possible prestige classes.  While these prestige classes are very entertaining, they are more useful to Fighters than to Monks (that’s just because monks at high level become practically invincible).  However, most if not all of these prestige classes are really fun and unique, if not quite as powerful.
            In addition the feats and prestige classes are new pieces of weapons and equipment.  They basically make enhancements to all the existing weapons like a Whip and Dagger, a Mercurial Long sword, and others.  However, what really made me laugh was the introduction of Tanks.  Literally, the book has the stats and construction for a medieval tank… with a mounted turret on top.
            Overall, the book tries to give greater depth/complexity to classes that are typically restricted to “I want to stab/punch stuff” by incorporating how the classes interact with the world around them and devoting an entire chapter entirely to battle tactics.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars for its usefulness and attempt to add depth to fairly simple classes.

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