The Campaign

These are just my scratch notes of what has happened in our campaigns thus far so that you can roughly follow along with how the story is progressing.

Campaign 2 (Endos as DM)

Everyone individually approaches a portal from their dreams, and is sucked into a room with a half dragon about to slay a "helpless" woman.  

We defeat the half dragon... but turns out he was the good guy and the woman was actually a very evil succubus of sorts that tricked us.  Apparently she wasn't quite so helpless.

The half dragon with his last breath pushes us through another portal.  As soon as we exit the portal we are accused of causing portals to appear all over the region that are spawning vile monsters of all sorts.  Our first task, kill a full grown dragon that is terrorizing the city we were in.  Suffice to say... we didn't kill it. Some other people did.

We are then given 20 "credits" (aka 1-ups) to close all the other portals that have arisen in the country. 

We go to the first portal that is located where Worf's home village is.  We find it burned to a crisp and a evil version of Worf standing in front of the portal.  We  kill him without too much difficulty.

We travel to our the next portal but get ambushed by bandits posing as traveling salesmen.  We demolish them and steal their horses and cart.  We are ambushed again by 22 hooded figures... we lost horribly and were taken to a prison nearby. Oh, and we killed a bison somewhere in there.

We escape, but Worf has been cursed in some strange way that we can't determine.

We go to a "city" (really a large town) where the locals all seem to have intelligence scores below 9.

We travel to a forest  and stumble into a camp of bugbears... that we slaughter because we could.

We continue through the forest and run into a camp of wereboars that we thought was just a trading camp. After unintentionally annoying 3 of them, they attack us. 1 hybrid, 1 full boar, and 1 human form. We just barely kill them since our ranger was out in the forest crafting silver arrows... that would have been really helpful. However, come to find out there were more than 3 wereboars. Luckily the shopkeeper wereboar lied for our benefit and said we stopped by the bury the bodies of 3 wereboars that had killed each other in a fight.

Continuing on we exited the forest and arrived at anti-Jean's portal. She activated the geass which the hooded men had cursed Worf with when we were captured a few days ago. Worf and I proceed to kill each other while the rest of the party finished off anti-Jean.
We continued walking for another 2 hours and stumbled upon a vampire of sorts. It killed Worf.

Continuing on, we leave the forest and make our way to the mountains where we find a large eagle that may or may not become Jean's animal companion. Either way, Endos is having fun messing with the Eagle's voice, haha.

Soon after, we come across some ruins of an old castle and are attacked by 2 gargoyles and a giant centipede. The giant centipede died instantly and the Gargoyles were slain without too much difficulty.

Finding a small dungeon in the ruins, we decide to enter them and after dealing with an acid fog trap, 2 giant animated stone statues, a mimic and and undead minotaur, we found the treasure at the end. A Belt of Giant's Strength+4, a Ring of Meld Into Stone, an amulet of +1 to all stats, and a pair of +5 to move silently boots.

We then  continued on our quest to cross the mountains when we stumbled upon a halfling rogue named Frodo and a Gnome Wizard named Gandalf.  Out of boredom, they decide to travel with us for a while since they don't get out much (these 2 characters were ones that Endos and I played as briefly in another campaign). 

As we start to exit the harsher parts of the Mountains, we enter into a small swamp where there is a shiny "thing" at the center of the swampy lake.  Gandalf and I decide to go out and retrieve it, but as soon as we got half way there, I was grappled by a Crocodile and dragged under water (thankfully Durel casted Water breathing on me....)  Then a Hydra appears from the swamp.... so after regrouping, we charged at it and Jean and I pretty much killed it in one round.
The shiny thing in the center of the lake was a fake unfortunately but we did get some gold and gems from the experience, along with some nice crocodile hide to make into boots!
We camped for the night soon after, but then was awaken by a series of bearded devils and tentacles coming out of the ground.  These soon disappeared however, Frodo and Gandalf and ran off with half the spoils that we had taken from the Hydra...

Regardless, we continue on to  Bevel, my home city, only to find that it has been put under marshal law by the Monks of Heronius (the monk colony I originally was raised in and the one that views me as a traitor).  We find out that the monks have set up camp on the other side of the city and that they have surrounded a portion of the forest that is now totally dead and swarming with demons and Evil-Raz (Evil-Me).  We sneak into the perimeter and see a large battle take place.  I notice a figure that looks like my brother Titus struggling to defeat a demon.  Fully cloaked with my face hidden, I rush in and take out the demon in a single strike saving my brother.  However, he did not look too kindly upon this and demanded that I un-hood myself or be slain.  Reluctantly, I reveal myself and gasps are heard form the monks surrounding me.  I try to reason with them, but Evil-Me summoned a Pit Demon (CR 20 I believe) and we had to make a swift retreat.  At the camp, we all discuss strategy and reveal to my Brother what we know of these Evil versions of ourselves and how to kill them.  Titus believes us to an extent and realizes that I must live to end the scourge.
The next day, we meet Titus and he tells us that he has a plan to make a deal with Evil-Me in an attempt to make him go away.  Following along with him we confront Evil-Me and attempt to find out what he wants.  When we speak to Evil-Me, he proposes that I join him by killing my brother and in return he would grant me a wish.  However, I don't take him up on his offer because I realize that the only thing that separates my brother and I is a difference in opinion and nothing more.  Either way, it turns out that the Titus standing beside us was actually a Doppelganger and the real Titus was standing a few yards away from us, under the impression that we were consorting with Evil-Me.  Long story short,  Titus realizes that we are actually there to fight Evil-Me and helps us in the fight.  Evil me casts a spell though that makes everyone float in an anti-gravity  field and thus we engage in epic midair fighting.  Eventually we did kill evil me though and Titus lets me live as long as he never sees me again  (nice guy.... -_-)

 We then head back to Bevel where I get reacquainted  with my Russian shopkeeper friend.  He invites us to Lunch the next day and when we arrive we find that he has been stabbed in the chest.  There was a note on him that said "You're next".  I am not disturbed, although a bit saddened by the loss of my friend.  Either way, we continue our travels after reporting the murder to local authorities.

On our travels we end up in a forest on our way to confront Evil-Durel.  We come across a grassy hill that immediately eats me...  Somehow I stay conscientious and alive to punch the thing from the inside while everyone else tries futilely to damage the thing.  Everyone, seeing my success form inside the beast, climbs inside the things mouth and starts hitting it from the inside.  This proved equally fruitless though so we cut our way out just as I got paralyzed in stomach acid, thus leaving me inside its stomach.  Luckily, I had left a bad taste in the things mouth and thus it spat me out and we all fled as the thing took a nap to regenerate its health.

Campaign 1 (Zedd as DM)

The Characters: Zedd, Kahlan, Endos, Aurora, Alexander, Laurelie, and Raz.

Day 1: The adventure begins. Raz meets a mysterious woman named Kahlan and uses a poisonous plant to ward off her pursuers. Had a party that same night to commemorate the election of a new mayor.

Day 4: Traveled to Adel Village. Received a side quest to retrieve the ear of a shady merchant.
Day 5: Killed shady merchant. Found he was selling a magical leaf that allows anyone to cast powerful spells at the cost of life force. Endos took 100 leaves.

Day 6: Fought Dire Weasels and almost lost.

Day 7: Tried to pass through a crack in the barrier. Couldn't do it so we left. Upon returning, was confronted by a berserk man holding a glowing red sword. Killed him and Raz got his sword. Found out that it was the Sword of Truth and that it repelled the demons inside the barrier. Passed through the barrier.
Day 8: Traveling. Bought minor magic items, found the Deck of Many Things, a Bag of Challenges, and a Philosopher’s Stone, and defeated an evil Wizard who was an old disciple of Zedd. Arrived at the Trade Center of the region.

Day 9 through 15: Spent time in the city:

Aurora: Found a Pegasus and trained it to become her animal companion.

Alexander: Drew from the Deck of Many things and got a Holy Mace and a Keep and read many books.

Endos: Completed many challenges in the Bag of Challenges, drew from the Deck of many things and became Lawful Evil, helped to organize the keep as an upscale hotel, attempted alchemy.

Raz: Gave a helpless beggar a job making silverware, completed a few challenges in the Bag of Challenges, got mauled to near death by a Flesh Golem, a Dire Lion, and another Dire Weasel, and helped turn our keep into a high end hotel. Found out that there is a cloud hovering over him that tracks his every move.
Day 16: Invited the King of the city to spend a night at out keep, which we named “The Great Escape”. We find out that the king is actually a Silver Dragon.
Day 17: The king arrives at The Great Escape and has a wonderful time. However, in the middle of the night, the Bard we hired turned out to be an assassin and stabbed the king in the heart with a Dagger of Assimilation.

Day 18: We go out in search of the murderer. Find the Bard and a Mithril obsessed Wizard who were sent by Darken Rahl to kill the king. We defeat them. We return. The dagger is still sucking the king’s health away. Zedd overloads the dagger by using his own life force, but once this is done Zedd is no longer immortal. The King lives. We are told to leave as soon as possible. As we are preparing to leave Darken Rahl pays a visit to our front lawn to say “Hi” and “Congratulations”. He is riding on a Red Dragon and looks like the “perfect man”. He is scary as hell.

Day 19: We leave for the capital city.

Day 21: We all arrive at the Capital city. Raz gets attacked by two thugs who deliver a message to him saying that Kahlan will be killed soon.   That night, Endos entombs himself with many undead and plans on spending several days in the tomb in order to become a Pale Master.

Day 22: Raz investigates the thugs and who they work for and find that it is a prince for another nation that is suspected of working with Darken Rahl. We find out that there is a party the next day that the Prince is attending. We suspect he will assassinate Kahlan at this party, so we devise to assassinate his father, who is suspected to be more evil than his son.

Day 23: The party happens. It does not go well. Alexander, the intended one to kill the king, gets thrown in prison and is to be killed the next day. Laurelie is introduced. With the help of Kahlan and Laurelie, we free Alexander and return him to the castle secretly and plan our next move.

Day 24: Raz found fight club and fought Wolverine… tried to commune with sword but failed.  Endos summoned Darken Rahl’s dead father who was killed by Zedd.  We retrieved Endos from the tomb.

Day 25: Traveled.  Tried to warn a Green Dragon about Darken Rahl’s targeting of Dragons.  Green Dragon attacks us anyway.  We kill it.  Blood gets on all of us except Aurora causing mutations.  Endos now has a snake like tongue.  Alexander has glowing green eyes that give him night vision up to 120 feet. Laurelie grows dragon wings.  Raz got nothing… Raz is terribly depressed.

Day 26: Traveled.  Found an old man who gave us a box that teleported us to an alternate universe where each of us is on our own, but all-powerful.  To escape we all had to do something against our nature:  Aurora had to kill her animal companion, Alexander had to kill everyone in a church, Endos has to save someone from a giant centipede, and I had to do nothing... for forever.  Then we had to fight the Gate Keeper to the alternate dimension.  When we got out of the box the old man all of a sudden had the hair style of Darken Rahl... The man was an animated corpse.  Raz finds out that his tail has given him cancer...

Day 27 through 30: Arrived at Mud Village.  Had a party.  Tried to convince the elders that they should let us talk to the spirits of their ancestors and help us defeat Darken Rahl.  They refuse.  As we leave, the village is attacked by two dragon like creatures.  We kill both of them.  The village elders reconsider and make us one of their tribe, thus allowing us to talk to their ancestors.  Talked to Ancestors who were less than willing to help.  We tripped them on their flawed logic thus convincing them to help (a little).  They say to visit the witch in the mountains.  This witch is more powerful than Zedd.  As we leave the spirits world, Darken Rahl thought it would be funny to burn down half the village and then leave without a word.  We decided now would be a good time to draw form the Deck of Many Things.  Raz drew and received 3 wishes (cured cancer and +2 on Dex), Endos attacked him, and Raz gained a level.  Also had a person who was about to die draw from the deck and he got enough wishes to restore the village to it's normal state at the expense of taking -15 on attack rolls.

Day 31 and 32: Teleported to Meca and bought more supplies and better equipment.  Began our journey to meet the witch.

Day 33: Traveled. Fought a Blue Dragon that was chilling in the middle of a lake.  Once it was defeated, we rolled around in it's slime to gain mutations.  Endos received lightning tattoos across his head. Raz's rat tail turned into a dragon tail with spines across his back.  Aurora got dragon wings. Alexander took lightning damage.

Day 34: Traveled. Had a Holiday Special for Easter.  Found Easter eggs with magic items in them and had a Easter Rabbit themed dungeon.   We fought 2 rabbit headed Chimeras and got splattered with their blood, which caused more mutations.  Endos now has 2 heads.  Raz now has a rabbit poof that shoots lightning.  Alexander now can eat carrots to restore half health.  Aurora now has bunny fur hands and big bunny ears.

Day 35: Arrived at the witch's den.  She was reluctant to give us assistance, but we eventually convinced her to help us.  She tells us the location of the Box.  We leave and travel back to Mecca.

Day 36 through 38:  Traveled back to Meca.  Fought a White Dragon a killed it strangely easily.  Found a black stone that absorbed the spirit of the White Dragon. Arrived back at Meca.  Did general preparation to find the Box.  Endos went training on his own.  Got turned to stone.  Zedd cured him.  Endos drank some Shadowbreaker Wine as soon as he was revived and turned into a Retriever. We killed him/it.  Endos died.  We revived him by using an augmented wish.

*Campaign postponed indefinitely due to extenuating circumstances*