Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Campaign Has Begun!

Good news everyone!  Now that the gang is all back together, we have begun our next campaign!  This time, Endos will be DMing.  However, there has been a casualty to our group.  Our dear companion Zedd is no longer in our ranks, having transferred to a different college.  He will be missed.
But in the mean time, let me introduce our new group for this campaign:

Endos: DM (centipedes)
Raz: A Lawful Evil, Human Monk who is an aspiring politician/lawyer bent on destroying the influence of Paelor from the world.
Worf: A True Neutral, Half-Orc Barbarian who has as much depth as can be expected from a half-orc…
Jean Lucy: a newcomer to us, she is a Chaotic Good, Elf Ranger who likes to… shoot her bow…
(name pending): Legolla from the last campaign has returned as a Neutral Evil, Halfling Rogue who is a professional locksmith.
Durel Azal: Another newcomer, he is a true Neutral, Elf Druid who has such a complicated back-story that I don’t even want to try and explain it.
A Magma Dragon courtesy of  nJoo

Endos decided to start this campaign by having all of us do individual sessions to justify how/why all of us (with our diverse backgrounds) end up in the same party.  I have to say that I liked this little touch.  Basically, all of us had a dream of a shining light in the distance that when we wake up was still there in the distance.  After necessary (or unnecessary) deliberation we each went towards the light and got sucked into a portal where there was a half dragon attempting to slay a damsel in distress.  So in typical heroic fashion we defeated the half dragon, but the damsel was the evil one to begin with!  Just as she was about to slay us the half dragon with his last breath opened a portal of his own and threw us through it so that we could escape to kill her another day.
Upon exiting the rushed teleportation we find ourselves being accused of making portals and black monsters appear everywhere so we must go take care of them.  For our fist task, kill the dragon that was attacking the city (we were level 1).  And so our journey begins!


Quote of the Week

(Scenario: I just killed a man who was at a wishing well trying to wish his wife back to life)

Endos: "You are wanted for murder. The man's dead body is lying in the road."
Raz: I’m gonna hide the body. DUH!


Player Tip of the Week

Know how to manipulate the rules of your character to make him as powerful as possible.  In D&D there are certain rules that can be exploited to make characters more powerful especially casters. 
Let’s say you are a Wizard who has a base Intelligence score of 17.  This is good, but could be better.  So, what you can do is age your character to where he is of venerable age thus giving you a +3 to Int, Wis, and Cha and a -3 to Str, Dex, and Con.  Sure you won’t be able to carry much or have many hit points, but as a caster this really doesn’t matter to much and you walk away with much higher scores that you normally would.

DM Tip of the Week

It’s ok to put a rush on a campaign.  Nothing is worse than spending a bunch of time on a campaign only for there to be no closure at the end because for whatever reason you couldn’t finish.  If a situation ever does arise where you know you have a deadline to meet, just rush the campaign.  Speed up traveling; give levels away; nerf the final boss; do what you must to get that campaign finished! 
In one of my campaigns we were all pressed for time and I knew that there was only 2 sessions left before we would all go our separate ways.  So to counteract this, I guided their actions leading them to the final boss, had NPCs reveal plot elements, skipped travel time, and nerfed the final boss a few levels so that it could all get done.  I had a lot planned for this campaign, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and boil the campaign down to its core.  Better to finish than leave it hanging.

Until Next Week.


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