Monday, May 2, 2011

Holidays Come With Interesting Surprises

            Greetings!  Hope everyone had a pleasant Easter.  My apologies for the lack of posting last weekend.  However, this weekend proved to be an excellent source of inspiration.  Endos and I cranked out a ton of alignment charts that I think you should enjoy in coming weeks.
For this week though, I would like to pay tribute to our current DM Zedd for coming up with a simple, but ingenious idea that could be applied in almost any D&D campaign.  Holiday Specials!  Basically, what we did was had a holiday themed side quest(s) where we got to find Easter eggs that when broken had a magic item inside.  Also, we had an Easter Rabbit themed dungeon that we traversed where we found a golden egg at the end (that we don’t know the significance of yet) and got to fight two Chimeras that had Rabbit heads instead of normal ones. 
However, the “holiday drops” don’t end here.  Once we obliterated the Chimeras, we were all splattered in their blood, which caused most of us to gain a new mutation.  Now, I don’t believe I’ve mentioned how all our characters seem obsessed about mutations, but with all of our current mutations we could all easily pass as extra-planar beings.  Here’s what we all have thus far:

Endos: Fangs, red eyes, a snake’s tongue, lightning tattoos all over his head, and now he has TWO heads with one head having rabbit teeth instead of fangs.
Raz: Rat tail was replaced with a blue dragon tail and spines, a holy symbol on my forehead, and now a bunny poof at the end of my dragon tail that allows me to shoot lightning from it.
Alexander: Glowing green eyes and now every time he eats a carrot he regains half his health.
Aurora: Blue dragon wings and now bunny paws and bunny ears.

As you can see, we’ve gotten quite out of control.

Until Next Week!



Player Tip of the Week

Know who you can and can’t stand to play with. While this may be a bit obvious, you want to play with people that you know will work well together both in and out of game.   The thing is, if you only just tolerate a person in real life, even if they want to play with you, it is usually best to avoid it.  I don’t say this to be mean or cold hearted, but for a campaign to go smoothly you have to like who you play with.
I would give a “For instance” for this one, but you know what I mean…

An awesome D&D background courtesy of Snoo-Snoo

DM Tip of the Week

Try to limit the amount of BS.  What I mean by this is try to limit how many thing that happen in the campaign that  a) limit what characters can do, b) makes no sense in the slightest, and c) are almost completely random.  There are probably more factors that go along with this, but my point is limit how often one particular character has a convenient stomach flu to prevent him from participating in an activity that others in your party are doing.  Being struck by lightning on a sunny day would be another example. 
However, the best example I have ever head was not in one of my campaigns but in someone else’s that I found online.  Basically the player and his party had built more or less a horse drawn tank using a cart, shields, and other items.  Great idea, right?  Well the DM didn’t like this tank so he made bandits attack them for the tank. The party killed the bandits.  More bandits arrived, so the party killed them too. Then even more bandits showed up and made off with the tank. Naturally they followed the bandits, and after a day or so they found the horses dead on the road leading into a desert, with not a single footprint in sight.  So basically, an infinite number of bandits carrying a tank on their backs, through a desert, without leaving any footprints.  This, my friends, is BS.


  1. I appreciate the honor Raz. I just can't wait until you guys find the secret egg.

  2. Uh oh. I thought we found them all...

  3. I wanna eat it.