Monday, May 30, 2011

5 by 5 Alignment Chart!

            Well, we’ve done it.  “You’re crazy” they said, but we showed them.  Between Endos, Zedd, and myself we have created the template for a 25 character, 5 by 5, alignment chart!  Now all that’s left to do is come up with characters for all of them…
            We put a lot of thought into it and tried our best to come up with adjectives that best fit the spaces in between good, neutral, and evil and lawful, neutral, and chaotic and this is what we came up with:

Lawful             Social               Neutral            Rebel               Chaotic
Good              Good                Good               Good               Good

Lawful             Social               Neutral            Rebel               Chaotic
Moral              Moral                Moral              Moral                Moral

Lawful             Social               Neutral            Rebel               Chaotic
Neutral            Neutral              Neutral            Neutral            Neutral

Lawful             Social               Neutral            Rebel               Chaotic
Impure            Impure              Impure            Impure              Impure

Lawful             Social               Neutral            Rebel               Chaotic
Evil                 Evil                   Evil                 Evil                  Evil

Sometime within the next week or two we will make an alignment chart with characters for each slot, however, there will not be a specific theme for this one simply because so few shows have that many characters of such a diverse nature.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Until next week!



Player Tip of the Week

“Kick down the door” tactics don’t always work. Sometimes this depends on your party, but unless you are all a bunch of Fighters and Barbarians, frontal assaults with no tactics do not often work unless that is how your DM has engineered the encounter.
For instance, in Zedd’s campaign Endos and I have been able to use a specific tactical maneuver where I will attract all of the enemies around me and then he will cast fireball in my square to encompass all of them.  The reason this works is because I have a +14 to reflex saves, which is needed to dodge the blast, and even if it does hit me I have fire resistance of 5 so I would take minimal damage either way.  However, introduce a “break down the door” tactic to this equation and basically you end up with Endos and I looking at a party member who ran right into this melee and ended up with 3rd degree burns because of his less than stellar reflex saves.

DM Tip of the Week

Don’t do things that severely annoy players intentionally. While hopefully this is obvious, some people really like being annoying intentionally.  Don’t do it; it’s just not worth it.
For instance, in a campaign that we were playing there was a player who couldn’t show up all the time. So, because he was a half orc Barbarian, we decided the most logical thing for him to do while we were doing our own stuff was to talk to lampposts.  However, when he resumed playing, it annoyed him to no end that his character was talking to lampposts and he did everything he could to make it where he could not talk to lampposts.  It got to the point where he legitimately would not have a good time if we so much as mentioned lampposts, so I promised I would never mention lampposts again.
Being funny is one thing.  Driving a player crazy because of your antics is another.

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