Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Bag That Can Hold (Almost) Everything

            Greetings!  This week I can officially say that the gods of percentage dice are not in my favor.   For the past few sessions every roll of the percentage dice has yielded unsuccessful results.   From trying for 12 hours to commune with the Sword of Truth, to practicing with my rat tail, to rolling around in Green Dragon blood in an attempt to spark a mutation (everyone got a cool mutation except me) I have utterly failed every roll.  I was terribly upset about this, especially when for 7 rolls in a row I could not break a 5…  [this post is property of Do A Spot Check]
            Annnnyway, this week I have a nice piece of D&D paraphernalia for your consideration, the Think Geek Bag of Holding.
                                Ever experience the excruciating pain of not being able to fit all your stuff into one convenient bag?  Well fear not because the Think Geek Bag of Holding is the satchel for you!  The Bag of Holding offers you the convenience of being able to hold such bulky items as a laptop, a PS3 with accessories, textbooks, and an assortment of all your smaller devices like ipods, phones, cameras, and snacks. [this post is property of Do A Spot Check] 
Its revolutionary design is such that while on the outside it may not look like much, on the inside it has enough space to fit more or less anything you could possibly need on a day to day basis.  It's a perfect book bag for college, gamer bag for your gaming devices, or business bag for all your important documents and folders.  And better yet, the Think Geek Bag of Holding is priced at about the same as a normal backpack so you won't have to pay extra for its awesome holding prowess. If you want a bag that can fit it all, the Think Geek Bag of Holding is the one for you! [Pocket dimension not included.]

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Player Tip of the Week

Think in terms of your party, not yourself.  When you are trying to solve a puzzle or get through a situation, it is easy to get wrapped up in a “What can my character do?” rather than “What can my party do?” mentality.  While it is not your job to know how your party members’ characters work, you still need to be familiar enough with them so that you can construct a solution that incorporates others and not just yourself. [this post is property of Do A Spot Check]
For instance, one day in our current campaign we were going through a dungeon and found a magic wall that when Aurora or myself touched it, we were unable to pass through, but when Endos and Alexander touched it they slipped right through to the other side.  Seeing as there was still a good bit of dungeon left, I was sure there was a way for me to pass through so I tried everything humanly possible to pass.  I tried hitting it with my sword, I tried walking through it with my sword leading the way, I tried tumbling through it, and none of it did anything.  At this point Endos and Alexander had decided that they would just go ahead without me. 
Now I was desperate.  I knew that if only I could see through the wall then I would be able to teleport through it so I put on my magic mask and very slowly put my face to the wall in an attempt to see through.  Unfortunately, the wall was too thick to see through and I ended up with magical third degree burns on my face.
Turns out, the solution was simply for a magic user to hold my hand and lead me through and I would have been spared from cooking my face.

White Dove Courtesy of Nuriko-Kun

DM Tip of the Week

Incorporate moral decisions that significantly impact the outcome of the campaign.  One key element to most any game is immersion into the characters or story and there is no better way to do this than to incorporate moral decisions.  Now when I say “moral decision” I don’t mean “kill the helpless beggar or don’t.” I mean gut wrenching decisions that directly affect your characters. [this post is property of Do A Spot Check]
For instance, in our current campaign we went on a quest to save the dragon king who had a Dagger of Assimilation stuck in his chest on our watch.  So we slayed the assassin and upon our return to the king found that the dagger’s magic was still affecting him and we could not remove it.  Zed then said that he could overload and destroy the dagger with his own life force, but at the cost of his immortality. 
This was a terribly difficult decision because on the one hand, if we didn’t save the king then we would be seen as assassins across the land and hunted like fugitives.  But on the other hand, if Zed gave up his immortality we would lose not just a powerful party member, but also a teacher and friend.  This was extremely difficult to decide, considering both characters were benevolent and beneficial towards us and there was a no other way to remove the dagger. [this post is property of Do A Spot Check]
In the end, we decided to save the king in exchange for Zed’s immortality.  Unfortunately, as we would find out soon after, Zed’s life force had gone straight to Darken Rahl making him more powerful than he would have been if he had just absorbed the dragon king. 
How this will affect the final boss battle is yet to be seen, but it should be challenging if nothing else.


  1. Quit your whinin', rat butt. Aurora doesn't have any mutations at all and she's not complaining.

  2. Oh yes, forgive me for not giving you something beneficial for rolling around in ACID. Be thankful you didn't get cancer or something.

  3. Endos: No offense to Aurora, but she hardly says anything so not complaining is completely in line for her. Not to mention she got hit maybe once the whole battle while I nearly died... again... T_T

    Zedd: If you knew that rolling in acid would gain you dragon like abilities wouldn't you roll around in it to?

  4. I may not say much, but at least I'm not always complaining. Suck it up.

  5. Oh shut up. You have taken next to no damage this whole adventure.

    When you've been critically hit and K.O.ed every battle I'll let me know when you have room to tell me to suck it up.

  6. Well, seeing as I've nearly died from every hit I've ever taken, "suck it up."

    But why are you letting yourself know when you have room?

  7. What I would do in acid is completely unrelated. In addition, whoa now. Let's save the fighting until a later trial.

  8. My bad. Typo. I meant "you".

    Zedd: Yes, let us take out our frustration on those damn Nymphs...